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Mahoney, J.R. & Verghese, J. Using the Race Model Inequality to Quantify Behavioral Multisensory Integration Effects. J Vis Exp., 147, e59575, 2019. PMID: 31132070

The picture above depicts one of our participants partaking in a laboratory based visual-somatosensory assessment.
With his eyes fixated on the center bulls-eye and his hands cradling fixed bilateral stimulators (vibration motors and LEDs), he is asked to respond with a foot-pedal (not pictured) as quickly as possible once he feels, sees, or feels & sees (multisensory condition) any stimulation. 
Headphones provide a constant stream of white-noise to block potential sound emanating from the vibration motors.  

This lab equipment is costly and truly not designed to be mobile.  Thus, we created CatchU   , an App which presents the exact experimental paradigm on an iPhone. 
This assessment is conducted remotely and the results are transmitted electronically.