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Mahoney, J.R. & Verghese, J. Using the Race Model Inequality to Quantify Behavioral Multisensory Integration Effects. J Vis Exp., 147, e59575, 2019. PMID: 31132070

The picture above depicts one of our participants partaking in a laboratory based visual-somatosensory assessment.


With his eyes fixated on the center bulls-eye and his hands cradling fixed bilateral stimulators (vibration motors and LEDs), he is asked to respond with a foot-pedal (not pictured) as quickly as possible once he feels, sees, or feels & sees (multisensory condition) any stimulation. 


Headphones provide a constant stream of white-noise to block potential sound emanating from the vibration motors.  

This lab equipment is costly and truly not designed to be mobile.  Thus, we created CatchU, an App which presents the exact experimental paradigm on an iPhone. 


This assessment can be conducted remotely and the results will be transmitted electronically.

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