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Medicines taken for control of hypertension and/or diabetes may pose fall risk

Taking medicine to control hypertension and/or diabetes, as directed by your physician, is important. It is also important to be aware that these drugs can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure or blood sugar. If you take these medicines, check your blood pressure and/or blood sugar regularly and report significant fluctuations from your normal values to your provider (drop in blood pressure by 10+ points or drop in blood sugar more than 20 points).

Be sure to take your medicines at the specified time(s) and eat balanced meals to ensure your medicines work optimally and don’t pose a risk of falling.

Read more about understanding common medicines that may increase your fall risk here.


Dr. Alben Sigamani

Professor and Chief Scientific Officer

Numen Health - a digital health platform for healthy living

“Falls just don’t happen due to age, rather they are often a result of being uninformed.”


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