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NEW! Patient self-pay option (provider receives report)

We are excited to announce our new patient self-pay process which allows older adults in your care to pay for and take the CatchU test upon your referral, with results and recommendations delivered directly to you. For outpatients, MD/NP/PAs are still eligible to bill for a telemedicine consult when the results and recommendations are communicated to the older adult.

New Process

When you recommend CatchU to older adults, they can now pay for the test directly on our website: by selecting the “Register to Take a Test” option. They will need your provider code to ensure that the report is delivered to you, and they will not be able to purchase the test without your unique provider code. 

How To Generate a Unique Provider Code: Go to and select the “Register as a Provider or Practice” option.  Enter your contact information and select a provider code that is easy for you (and patients) to remember. Your provider code must be unique, if not you will be asked to create a new code.  

This code should be shared with anyone that you recommend should take the test, and the code ensures that the older adult’s report gets delivered to you, their provider.


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