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The Transformative Power of Proper Walking as reported by The Guardian

Walking: It's something we do every day without much thought, but what if there was actually a way to walk better? That's exactly what Tim Dooley discovered when he spent time with Joanna Hall and her WalkActive system.

At first, he was skeptical. He thought he was already good at walking. But as it turns out, we all have a lot to learn. With Hall by his side, he began to understand the importance of proper posture and technique when it comes to walking.

It wasn't long before he noticed the benefits. His pace quickened, his posture improved, and he even felt taller. But the benefits went beyond just physical improvements. Walking became a meditative experience, a way to clear his mind and reduce stress.

So, what was he doing wrong before? Like many of us, he was stepping into the space in front of him when he walked. But Hall encouraged him to think about walking out of the space behind him instead. It may seem like a small adjustment, but it made all the difference. Good walking is an act of propulsion, of pushing yourself forward off your back foot instead of pulling yourself along with your front foot. It also reduces pressure on your knees.

Focus on the hips and neck were the next steps. He learned that standing tall was important to increase the distance between the pelvis and ribs and between the collarbone and earlobes.

Maintaining these three things at the same time was the key to good healthy walking!

So now it’s your turn. Are you walking optimally? Find out and learn more helpful tips to improve your stride in this article: ‘I’m not just faster, but taller’: how I learned to walk properly – and changed my pace, posture and perspective published in The Guardian.


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