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Hearing Loss is an Underrecognized Risk Factor for Falls

Our sense of hearing is used in combination with other sensory systems (vision, touch) to help us locate objects in our environment and to perceive our own movements through space. These abilities that are very important for supporting safe mobility. Hearing loss in older adults is associated with a 3x greater risk of falling than normal hearing, and greater degrees of hearing loss are associated with even greater falls risk. Thus, it is important to routinely screen for mobility problems and falls risk in older adults with hearing loss.


Dr. Jennifer Campos

Canada Research Chair, Multisensory Integration and Aging; Associate Director, Academic; Senior Scientist

KITE Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network

Associate Scientific Director, AGE-WELL, Networks Centre of Excellence

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto

Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto


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